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Coastal Paradise Series

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Discovering Alabama’s Coastal Paradise Series: A three-part series exploring

the ecology, historical heritage, and educational assets of the coastal region.

Exploring Opportunities

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Alabama Coastal Ecology focuses on the important role of the coastal ecology in providing the crucial natural resource basis of the region’s special values for tourism, fisheries, seafood, and other economic activity. Viewers will learn about

Tidal flats


Salt marshes

Barrier islands

Maritime forests

And more…


pier and bay

Alabama Coastal Historical Heritage promotes the great variety of nationally significant attractions to be enjoyed within the coastal area by focusing on the region’s significant history and abundant cultural heritage. Viewers will learn about

Adventurers in the New World

The earliest European Settlements

Fortresses of the revolutionary period

Prominent battle sites of the Civil War

The emergent richness of life in the region



Alabama Coastal Educational Assets gives particular emphasis to the combination of coastal ecology and the availability of excellent outdoor and environmental education opportunities in enhancing the quality of life in the coastal region. Viewers will learn about

Various coastal organizations

Centers and learning labs for hands-on student learning




Come Along As We Celebrate our 30th Anniversary

and Discover Alabama’s Coastal Paradise!